devemed Dentalinstrumente Konservierende Behandlung

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that focuses on diseases of the pulp-dentin complex and the periapical tissue.

The pulp consists of connective tissue, blood and lymph vessels and nerve fibres. If these are attacked by bacteria, the pulp can become inflamed. Causes of this can be, for example, deep caries, cracks in the tooth, a tooth injury or gaps between the tooth and the filling. If the inflammation is not treated, the bacteria can destroy the entire pulp and penetrate unhindered into the jawbone. There, inflammation around the root tip can then occur in turn.

To preserve such an infected tooth in the long term, the only option is endodontic root canal treatment. The tooth is anaesthetized, a rubber dam is applied for protection and the tooth is then opened. For the success of this treatment, it is essential to locate all existing root canals of a tooth and to determine their length exactly up to the root tip. The diseased or already dead pulp is removed and then a canal preparation is carried out. After eliminating the bacteria, the cavities are sealed with a root filling material and closed with a bacteria-proof filling. Endodontic treatment requires the highest degree of precision.

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