devemed Dentalinstrumente Konservierende Behandlung

Conservative treatment primarily aims to preserve and maintain the natural teeth and is preferable to tooth removal, especially in relation to the biology of the surrounding tissue. The natural function and aesthetic appearance should be preserved or restored for as long as possible.

The focus here is on all measures that serve the prevention and treatment of, for example, plaque-related diseases, periodontitis, dental accidents as well as caries and non-caries-related damage to teeth.

After the removal of the carious lesion, the tooth is protected from bacteria by new fillings or crowns. Ideally, the natural function can be restored, at best with an optical solution that is as indistinguishable as possible from real teeth.

Therapies for dental diseases, treatments and tooth-preserving measures occupy an important place in the daily work of the practice. These include, for example:

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