Dr. Iyad Ghoneim

Riyadh | Saudi Arabien


  • Bachelor of dentistry from the Science & Technology University of Sana’a-Yemen (June 2001) class rank 3/52.
  • Internship at the department of oral surgery in Geneva University, in Switzerland, for a two whole academic years having a full course in implantology and bone grafting (2003).
  • Diploma degree in oral and maxillofacial surgery from Damascus University (2006).
  • German Board of Oral Implantology Amman/Jordan (2006). 1st on the group.
  • Master of Sciences in oral surgery and oral implantology Krems University/Austria.
  • Specialist Degree form DGZI 2010.


  • Technical manager of Safad3 Specialized Dental Center Damascus, Syria (2005) (Till now).
  • A coarse lecturer for Straumann dental implants in Syria (2007).
  • Scientifical manager for Dentecs (dental supplement company) (from 2007 till 2011).
  • Teacher in the University of Al-Qalamoon (2008 & 2009).
  • A coarse lecturer for Biohorizons dental implants in Syria (2008, 2009, 2010).
  • A coarse lecturer for Biohorizons dental implants in Egypt (2010).
  • Lecturer in the DGZI Arab meeting in Dubai, Syria, Egypt (2007, 2008, 2009).
  • Attended the Training of Trainers program for Biohorizons implant system “one of 15 dentists form around the world”.
  • Lecturer in the DGZI international meeting (Berlin 2010).
  • Founder and president of Biohorizons Middle East Study club (Antalya global symposium 2010, Phoenix, USA 2011).
  • Selected Opinion Leader for Biohorizons Implant System since 2009.
  • Several lectures in Syrian implantology and general meetings.
  • Translator for the “Contemporary IMPLANT DENTISTRY for Carl E. Misch” Book, which is considered one of the most important books in Oral implantology, in Arabic language.
  • Inserted more than 4000 implants since 2006 and I they are from several systems as Straumann, Nobel Bio care, 3i, Xive, SPI, Biohorizons, Bicon, 3i Biomet and Allfit.
  • Did all the required techniques for Bone and soft tissue management (intra and extra oral bone augmentation techniques, split osteotomy with various machines and C.T. grafts etc…).
  • Presented Many Lectures in different Countries (Check republic, Oman Qatar, Egypt, UAE, Turkey, Pakistan) for Biohorizons implant company.
  • Founder and the CEO MHG Dental Educational Institute.


  • Eager to face challenges and quickly digest new information.
  • Investigated team player with aptitude for quickly examining environments to identify problems and develop solutions.
  • Inspired problem-solver that works hard and loves a challenge.
  • I think I will never stop asking for more education.
  • I have a residency permit in KSA as Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon.