devemed dev-os-system EN

The devemed dev-os-system is ideally suited for osseointegration. The toolbox (4400-00) offers plenty of space for micro-screws, pins and drills – the clear structure enables easy, direct holding of pins and screws.

The same applies to the devemed Pinbox (4903-00 FBC): it is made of stainless steel with a robust black coating and can be opened with one hand. Up to 15 pins can be stored in the box and removed directly during treatment. Their labelling enables the implantologist to quickly assign the individual components.

The devemed dev-pin TITAN pins with and without thread allow titanium foils and membranes to be fixed. The advantage of threaded pins is that they can be easily removed with the pin driver after healing. For the different requirements we offer pin applicators with and without HEX-HEAD.

Our dev-os QUADRO TITAN micro screws prevent the screw from spinning due to their screw head with a slightly conical quadro profile. They also provide a better grip on the screwdriver, ensuring safe pick-up and placement. We offer dev-os QUADRO screwdriver blades and pilot drills to match. The devemed twist handle (4311-00) is suitable for screwdriver blades, pin applicators and pin drivers. Its shape allows comfortable handling: the silicone handle can be turned and the pressure point at the back is firm, making turning easy and safe.

You can find more information in the devemed catalogue BASIC IV page G.114 – G. 123.