DEVE zu devemed

The traditional family business Karl Reichle & Co. from Nendingen (Tuttlingen) was founded in 1904 by Karl Reichle. Around 1960, the DEVE brand was born, which was soon appreciated worldwide, especially for its high-quality pliers – to this day, DEVE pliers are popular and still in demand.

In 2006, the company Karl Reichle and its brand DEVE became devemed GmbH. With this relaunch, the know-how and experience of the last 100 years was taken over. The DEVE brand was therefore to remain in the new company name and still stand for the high quality of dental instruments. The concept and the external appearance were adapted to the new age, but the guiding principle of the company was to remain: devemed produces innovative, durable and high-quality instruments that lead to the highest satisfaction of our customers.

devemed GmbH continues to aim at keeping up with the pulse of time: Our new and further developments of instruments are adapted to the needs of dentists, because contemporary application techniques require advanced instruments. In product development, we are supported by world-renowned practitioners who always contribute their ideas and improvements. Our many years of experience have taught us that innovative and high-quality dental instruments are a decisive criterion for a dentist’s work. 

Combining tradition and innovation – We want to preserve what has advanced dentists for over 100 years, treating quality as our top priority, yet constantly evolving through innovation.